We met him last year in denmark for the first time. Then we travelled with him all summer long. Such a good person, nice character and even better surfer.
We are inspired by his lifestyle and his alldaylonggoodmood.

Enjoy reading


Your full name?
Julian ‘Jules Ahoi’ Braun

What do you like and can’t live without?
I guess it’s my Volkswagen van. I love surftrippin’ across Europe with that old sled. It just has been my summer-residence on a 7 week surf trip through France/Spain.

What don’t you like?
Right now? Fucking mosquitos.


What places have you been to and liked most?
The places actually doesn’t matter that much, as long as it is at coastline. I love the ocean as we all do. For me it has always been the people, the waves and the stories you share which makes it really special and exciting.

Where do you want to go in future?
There’s so much to explore.. Would love to go back to Australia to see all my friends down there. A surftrip to South America would be a good opinion I guess. Sri Lanka is on the top of my list. I heard so many good things about it – I will fly over there in 2014, do you like to join me? And hell yeah: Helgoland!


Why do you surf?
Because I fucking love it.

What are your favourite surfing conditions?
In the summer it will be a 4 ft fun size, slight offshore breeze, sunrise, 7 am, with a bunch of good friends on an empty beachbreak somewhere in France.

In the winter it will be 6 ft Anchor Point. I LOVE this wave – best I’ve ever ridden.

What kind of surfboard do you have and what kind of boards you always wanted to ride?
I ride:
5’9” SUPERbrand Custom Shape by Nuno Matta – This board is SO awesome
6’2″ Semiseco Custom Shape by Nigel Semmens – For bigger days
9’1” Singlefin by Dave Craig – pretty classic, surfable like a train.


I want to ride:
Hm, I would love to surf kind of a 10′ Noserider – always been a dream. Furthermore I am pretty interested in the Hayden Shapes Futureflex models. The Shredsled and the HyptoKrypto – I surfed both already and it was pretty fun. And yesterday I saw a 6′ Singlefin Pintail in a surfshop – Man that thing was a beauty..

Why do you love travelling?
While travelling you learn so much about yourself and this world – things you won’t learn in any university. There are so many good, open-minded people you met, so many good stories, so many sunburnt and happy faces, so many litres of bad wine, so many experiences, so much fun. Travelling is essential for me.


What would you always take on a trip? (max. 3 items)
Of course my surfboard, my guitar (of course), and Bruno my cactus (of course), to have any company.

Why you know BINSURFEN? How you met us?
I was on a surftrip in Denmark. It was rainy and cold (of course), so I decided to stay in the van to drink coffee and wait for the wind/rain to stop. Suddenly the door of my van opened and Felix jumped inside looking for a shelter to hide for the rain. First I wanted to kick him out, but then he seems pretty friendly :)


Jules, you are a musician. Please tell us more about your music / band!
Our band called ”Manua Loa”, we are 3 friends (Kivi, Ali, me) and we make music together since 2009. We basically started with a pretty relaxed small acoustic set-up, but for now we experiment a lot with Rock’n’Roll influences and electronic sounds. But our style is still pretty laid-back. We call it ”Hammock Music”.
Who is interested in it, we just released a small free-EP called ”Tales & The Sea”. You’ll find the Download Link at the bottom of this page.


Tell us more about your new EP ‘Tales & The Sea’!
It’s an album with a lot of influences from the sea. For me, the sea has always been a place where I am able to recover and it gives me always so much power but makes you feel blue at the same time. Once I felt in love with the sea and I know it will last until the end of my time. This is a big theme we handle with on that album.
Well you see, we had a lot of new material and ideas for a new album, so we decided to record some of these songs and put it together to a small EP
So we organized all the recording equipment and locked ourselves into a small gardenshed for 4 days. During these 4 days we jammed, smoked and drank a lot, and slept too less. We really grew together as a band and at the end there was ”Tales & The Sea”

Do you listen to your own music?
No, I can’t. It’s really stressful to listen to own songs. Every time you listen to it there are at least a million ideas how you could make it better or different. I guess a song is more like a process – to one time you have to decide to finish it and record it, otherwise there is nothing left from the basic intention why you actually wrote it.

What you always wanted to say:
Surfing sucks, don’t try it.

Sex or surfing?
Luckily I don’t have to decide between sex and surfing

Describe what/who (we want names!) is a kook to you!
Oh, I guess if you wear boardshorts over your wetsuit or something, you are pretty much a kook.


Describe what/who (we want names) is a legend to you!
Rainer Uhl from Surfrider Foundation North Germany. This guy is so committed to environmental protection. He uses every free minute and holiday to organize beach clean-ups on the German coastline and to represent the Surfrider Foundation on festivals and trade shows. His wife Julie and his two wonderful kids are always at his side, supporting him and his work for the chapter. Besides he is a good surfer and a really good friend of mine.

Your best moment ever surfing / travelling:
I have been to Hawaii in 2010. I went surfing at the Northshore, Oahu on a pretty small day (small Hawaiian days are not as that small as you might think). I was sitting in the lineup as I saw a big shadow right under me and my surfboard. First thought: ”Shark!!!!!” Second thought: ”SHARK, FUCK!!!!!!” I was scared as hell, really. I saw that thing coming closer and closer and I really didn’t know what to do! As it was already pretty close, I saw the contures and I knew that this would not be a shark – luckily. It pops up from the surface and turned out to be a HUGE and beautiful Sea-Turtle. It watched me for a couple of moments and disappeared. I was SO stoked after that. Additionally I got a pretty good overhead setwave afterwards and surfed it almost all the way to the beach. What a session..

Tell us a really good/bad joke!
Why are pirates called pirates?

Because they ARRRRRRRR!


Thank you very much Julian!

And here comes the donwloadlink for the EP


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