What’s your full name?
Christian Spicker

What do you like?
My family, Munich, and drinks with the crew!

Bus rides and slow computers. I always get angry when I double-click or click the wrong link because my computer is too slow. Having this issue with my HTC is even worse.

What places have you been to, which did you like the most and where do you want to go in future?
Everywhere can be good. But I favor Indonesia, Portugal and France. For the future I don’t know, Atlantic I think. I love the feeling of uncertainty when I run up a French sand dune and don’t know what to expect behind it. Everything changes so fast, sand, tides, wind… Also, I am pretty curious to go to Iceland.


What do you like about surfing?
For me, surfing is about being in nature and to enjoy myself and the ocean. I forget about everything else.

What are your favorite surfing conditions?
I don’t like waves which lack power. If they’re powerful enough, I don’t care if it is onshore, offshore or whatever.


What kind of surfboards do you have?
And what kind of boards you always wanted to ride? Just shortboards. From 5’8 to 6’7. Maybe an old single fin…

What would you always take on a trip (max. 3 items)?
Nothing special, I am more the basic type. At least a pair of clothes and some money. A surfboard too.

How do you know binsurfen? How did you meet us?
I met Lucas in France, 2010. We didn’t hear from each other much since then, but I joined him and Felix spontaneously for a road trip to France this summer. Such good times. I had to sleep on the roof of Felix’ old VW bus. Every night I would wake up from either rain or dew. Also, I seemed to attract strangers at night. I told you, good times. I am really looking forward to start a common trip next year and get to know the whole binsurfen boys.

Way to spend your money?
Flight tickets and food.


Wetusit or boardies?
3/2 for sure!! Just so comfy haha

What do friends say?
This kid has a life. Also: picky.

Favorite food?
Nasi Campur, right across the road from Nirmala in Ungasan.


What you always wanted to say?
It ain’t getting much better than having a classic breakfast of strong coffee, bread and omelet in Lisbon followed by a good surf with friends. Then repeat.

What do you do except surfing? (work doesn’t matter, work sucks!)
I suck a lot then. But besides that, I hang out a lot with friends and we cook together. And I try to keep fit, running and so on.

Flat day entertainment?
It depends on where I am, but usually I hang out at the beach. Last time in Sumbawa at low tide, I spent hours trying to catch all kinds of fish in the reef with a plastic cup haha
Your best moment ever surfing/travelling?
Many. I like these moments you would have never experienced without surfing. Surfing a spot km’s away from the next accessible beach, surrounded by marine life, waves clashing into the cliffs, intriguing surf… or sitting in one of North Africa’s desert line ups with clean turquoise waves, looking back on big headlands, dolphins pass by and to top it off suddenly dozens of flamingos fly past you just above sea level – and don’t forget the sunset.


Who is your surfing idol?
I don’t have any idols. But I am looking up to the surfing of Dane and John John. And my friend Mega Semadhi. He is just so welcoming and it is always a pleasure to surf with him. No matter how crowded a line up is he always emits a relaxed vibe.

What is special for you about surfing the baltic sea and north sea?
I don’t know, it’s cold and the waves are shit? You gonna hate me for that…
Describe what is a perfect surf trip to you? Having a blast with friends on a sailing yacht. Classic waves every day and superb food.

Shortboard or Log?

Describe your perfect board.
Fast and loose.

Favorite baltic surfspot?
I never surfed the Baltic Sea. But I did surf in Thailand, does it make up for it??


After surfing: pub crawl or camp fire?
None. Tapas in San Sebastian.

What are your favorite surf movies?(top 5)
There are no special ones. I like to watch Thicker Than Water for breakfast though haha. I also follow the stuff of John John and Nick von Rupp.

Taj Burrow or Dane Reynolds?

Ando or Dion Agius?
Tough one. Dion, because he gets the hottest chicks.

Al Knost or Joel Tudor? (better give the right answer)
Alex Knost

What do you prefer: Quad or Thruster?
Don’t know yet. Both seem to work well for me.

Describe your worst wipe out ever!
I guess Bingin, Bali. 4ft. Dead low tide. I did not kick out before the end section and wanted to do just one more trick. I went for a floater. That hurt a lot. There is another one in Supertubos, Portugal. My board hit me under water so hard that I suffered a torn muscle from the impact.

Thanks very much for your time Christian!


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